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Chemotherapy is one of the most common ways that doctors will treat breast cancer. This treatment is systemic therapy that will affect the entire body as it travels along throughout the bloodstream. Chemotherapy is used to destroy cancer cells that have spread to other parts of the body. This treatment is very effective in destroying […]

Breast Cancer Signs

Doctors urge woman to learn how to screen themselves for cancer while they are at home and to have their doctor do it on a yearly basis. Not only will these screenings help to catch it early on – but you can also look for the signs that you might have breast cancer. There are […]

What Is Breast Cancer

The whole of the human body is made up of cells. The body will create them and replace any that have died off. The body is supposed to create healthy and normal cells that will work properly. This include the breasts. Yet, there are some cells that become abnormal and in some cases harmful. These […]