What Is Breast Cancer

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The whole of the human body is made up of cells. The body will create them and replace any that have died off. The body is supposed to create healthy and normal cells that will work properly. This include the breasts.

Yet, there are some cells that become abnormal and in some cases harmful. These cells will divide over and over again fairly quickly without dying off. When this happens a tumor will form. A tumor is a group of abnormal cell that have created a mass.

Breast cancer is one of the most common types of tumors that will develop in a person’s breast. Women are mostly afflicted by this disease – but it is possible and also rare for men to be diagnosed with it as well.

This tumor will cause the person’s body to become sick and can spread all over one breast and even into the other one. It may even be able to spread to other parts of the body that include the bones or liver.